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Back To School Time! Correct Backpack Health from Dr. Erin

Back to school is a time of excitement for kids, but it can also be a time of stress on their backs. Carrying a heavy backpack that is not fitted properly can lead to pain, discomfort, and even injuries.

Here are some tips on how to fit a backpack properly for back health:

  1. Start by adjusting the torso length of the backpack. The torso length is the distance between the top of your shoulder blades and the top of your hips. To adjust the torso length, loosen the buckles on the hip belt and shoulder straps. Then, slide the backpack up or down until the shoulder straps are 1-2 inches below the top of your shoulders.

  2. Once the torso length is correct, tighten the buckles on the hip belt and shoulder straps. The hip belt should be snug but not too tight. The shoulder straps should be comfortable and should not dig into your shoulders.

  3. Adjust the load lifters. The load lifters are the straps that run from the top of the backpack to the shoulder straps. They help to keep the backpack from pulling away from your back. To adjust the load lifters, tighten or loosen them until the backpack feels snug against your back.

  4. Walk around with the backpack for a few minutes to make sure it is comfortable.

Other important things to consider are:

  1. Choose a backpack that is the right size for your child. The backpack should be able to fit comfortably on their back with the shoulder straps adjusted so that they are not too tight or too loose.

  2. Make sure the backpack has a padded back and shoulder straps. This will help to distribute the weight of the backpack more evenly and prevent pain.

  3. Use the hip belt. The hip belt helps to take some of the weight off of the shoulders and distribute it to the hips.

  4. Pack the backpack with the heaviest items in the center and closest to the back. This will help to keep the backpack balanced and prevent it from pulling on the shoulders.

  5. Avoid overloading the backpack. The backpack should not weigh more than 10-15% of your child's body weight.

By following these tips, you can help your child choose a backpack that is comfortable and safe to use.

If you have more questions or need helping finding the right backpack for your child, book a free phone consultation and let's discuss!

Call or text 619-333-9909 or visit this link to schedule an appointment and let's get movin'!

Your San Diego Chiropractor,

Dr. Erin 🤍

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