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Hey There!

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I’m Dr. Erin. I grew up in snowy Calgary, Canada and took the leap down south in 2018 to attend Chiropractic school in San Jose, CA. I was really chasing that sunny beach life, which landed me in beautiful San Diego after finishing my studies. I like to live a balanced, movement-based lifestyle. In my free time you can find me golfing, paddle boarding, playing spikeball on the beach or enjoying a nice cocktail. Balance, right!?

As a Chiropractor, I put strong emphasis on soft tissue therapy and corrective exercises. I’ve spent countless hours in seminars and courses learning a variety of techniques and modalities to individually cater to each person and help my patients move and feel their best. From desk sitters to athletes, pregnancy to growing kiddos, every body is welcome on my table and can benefit from Chiropractic care.

I look forward to helping you fearlessly move better! 

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Dr. Erin is quiet a unique chiropractor. She understands the importance of movement and soft tissue work and doesn’t just adjust you in a 5 min session. She takes her time to address your injuries from different angles to truly help you heal. She’s one of a kind and I highly recommend her - this coming from a physical therapist! 😌

Noah S.

Dr Erin is the best in San Diego. She dives deep into the root of the problem not just your current symptoms. She truly cares for you as a patient and does everything she can to make you feel better. Couldn’t recommend her enough!

Jessica M.

Dr Erin is amazing!!! She is so personable and has an abundance of knowledge! She makes all my treatments specific for my needs. I see her for my shoulder injury, chronic sciatic pain, and all the twists and turns that come with my profession of a nurse and my active lifestyle! My injuries have gotten significantly better. I am forever grateful for her!
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